October 07, 2004

It's part of our kulture, dammit

What to make of all that male sex in the news?
First, we got those sods on the rocks, a.k.a. Pitcairn, saying all that extramarital nookie of the kids and everyone else's kids was ultimately OK because it was part of island culture. Having only been once to a Pacific island (Rarotonga) it didn't seem to me a hotbed of illicit sex, or any other sex. Every other building along the road was a church or a cemetery and the islanders seemed to have been very effective at breeding out and preaching out any fun you associate with a tropical island culture.
So what were those Adventists on Pitcairn up to then? Pitcairn looks to be such a godforsaken and boring place - there isn't even a sandy beach, let alone a palm tree - it's hardly surprising they had to make their own fun.

Making your own fun seems also to be the case with those 500 Australians arrested in one of those moral panic swoops on illicit internet shopping for kiddy porn. If we still had gallows, stocks or public burnings, they would be very busy these days, since the kiddy porn merchants have taken on the role of witches in the public mind. Never mind that they only need to be a dab hand at PhotoShop to come up with the imagery that they want to wank over (rather than having to molest the neighbour's daughter for real, as on Pitcairn), it's so much more satisfying to have a go at a few sad sacks. Maybe they should also claim it was part of Australian culture at their trials.

Which brings us (again) to Garth "Vader" George, patron saint of hazing rituals in the New Zealand Army. How dare those recruits complain about the treatment they received as part of their cadet training? he seems to say. The only one that is allowed a pip squeak is the dead one, according to Army chaplain Garth. The others should have taken the brooming, the beating and the humiliation like a man, like obviously George did when he was in the army.
Garth George is a living example of why we can't have any respect for our elders, unless they earn it by calling a spade a spade in past criminal behaviour by their peers.

UPDATE: More allegations of abuse at the Waiouru Military Cadet Camp have rolled in and this time it's rape. Wonder what spin Garth George will put on this one. Training to take it like a man is best left to consenting queer boys.

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