October 06, 2004

Belated Sunday reading

After all those months of hype, this town saw the debut of a new Sunday newspaper last weekend. It's tabloid by style and nature, and as such it was really too much to ask for a quality read.
Rather than a version of the UK's Independent on Sunday, all we got in the Herald on Sunday was an extended version of express newspaper (a gay bi-weekly), I mean what was it with all those gay-related stories on civil unions, ex-gay ministries, and Michael Barrymore (by the way, welcome to Kiwiland, mate, the pools must have fences here so no drunk or drugged straight guys can fall into them). And the Mini car feature was a near repeat of the Saturday version. Do these editors never talk to each other?
In all, not a compulsive read, methinks, and a lot of Kiwis have far better written blogs than newspaper columns.
The Saturday Herald, by contrast, is still a better paper, if you can call any newspaper in New Zealand any good, so I think I will stick to paying my ISP for net access to quality newspapers.

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