October 21, 2004

Pot to Kettle: Black!

An unintentionally funny website has a list of New Zealand "cult" sects, individuals and beliefs. And it labels each entry as "OK", "neutral", "caution" and "dangerous" or even, in the case of world creeds of the non-Christian kind, "false religion". And it invites you to write in with suggestions and reviews if you are familiar with any of the entries.
"Cult" is quite narrowly defined on their FAQ, and as you would expect from Christians, any belief systems that have over 100,000 adherents (give or take) in the census are exempt from that label.
I was puzzled/shocked/surprised/flabberghasted that none of the big Christian heresies have made the danger list. I did keep awake during history classes so I know that the Christian Church sent the Inquisition, crusaders and lesser church officials to deal with heresies and other Satanic cults and burned their members after playing some Abu Ghraib fungames with them. If that monopolistic (Catholic) church regime existed today I'm sure those Baptist, Presbyterian and Mehodist cults would have made the website list too - if there were any left alive in the glowing embers.
But as it is now, cults.co.nz is just a case of sour grapes over losing that religious mind control monopoly. They just want to protect their market share by teaming up with fellow soulmates to keep the competition in the superstition stakes at bay.

I'm amazed homosexuality isn't listed as not only one of the oldest but also fastest growing "cults" if you believe anti-CUB rants lately about society going to hell in a Louis Vuitton handbasket. It controls your mind! Even Catholic priests can't keep themselves from praying on their knees in front of disrobed altarboys! It really brings out the devil in you. Shall I suggest it to them?

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