April 09, 2005

You think they'd be done for false advertising

A local Sunday newspaper spotlit this new business venture a few weeks ago and now, as any small business, they set up their website (cheers Shadow Footprints) to attract new punters. But the Naked Gardener is not really what you expect, i.e. doing your weeding and planting and mowing and sowing in the buff. No, they wear Speedo-like underpants, which is all very fetching, but it hardly deserves the tag naked. And the excuse they come up with, that it's against Occupational Safety & Health rules to do the business sans-culottes, is really lame.
It seems that if you want to do some naked gardening, you have to do it yourself.
Do you think this trend of naked tradesmen will catch on? Here are the Naked Carpenters, Naked Cops, Naked Builders, Naked Wal-Mart Greeters, Naked Rugby Players, more Naked Rugby Players, Naked Drivers, Naked Boaties, Naked Soldiers, more Naked Soldiers, Naked Truck Drivers, Naked Burglars, Naked Thiefs, Naked Nazis, Naked Prisoners and Naked Chefs.
All links are via Les Nouvelles de Nudeness and are worksafe!

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