July 20, 2005

The condition(ing) of the male of the species

I hadn't bothered before but I eventually watched an "episode" of a reality TV show called Big Brother (Australian version), and it was the "uncut" version screened late at night, mainly to show "naughty" bits and appendages and hear some more "natural" conversations.
The show ponies, as ever, are the males prancing around in various states of undress, losing their towels, showing off their assets and finally whacking off because lasting 40 days without it really was impossible.
It all looks suspiciously contrived and I think the boys have had to audition nude as to allow the show producers to ensure no tiny meat was among the male inmates. Some even shaved their pubes, showing a caring touch for viewer delectation.
Apart from all that meat on parade, the "conversations" - especially the single sex ones - were interesting. On the topic of favourite sexual "possies" (the Australian language has its comprehension difficulties, so they abbreviate everything longer than two syllables, it means "positions"), the biggest blond one described his (I'll use some phonetic spelling when it conveys the meaning of the words better):
"I go for the good old 69, you know when you get your [deeck] sucked real good while her [vadzj] rubs on your face."
The others giggled.
The tasks the show producers require them to perform are too inane. I would recommend showing them "The Anatomy of Hell" film (see below), then require them to put lipstick on the asslips (of any gender) and drink the girls' tampon tea. That would be a better practical test of their heterosexuality than the mouthing-off version.
Pity some "issues" were left unexplored when the pube-less wonder drunkenly wanted to play with blond stud's [deeck] and was rebuffed with more hostility than was really necessary.
Obviously, some realities never get onto reality TV.

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