July 12, 2005

How not to react

The flag is at half mast at our place with the sinking feeling that it won't be the last time. Some dicks tried, and succeeded in, getting onto the international news wires (I saw reports on BBC World and Flemish TV) by spray painting a few Auckland mosques. As if that will make any difference or commemorate those that died in the blasts. Scapegoating a minority for the fascist tactics some thugs use and claim to be fighting for is no better than blaming Jews for international capitalism or gay people for the spread of AIDS. It's too easy to do, it requires no brains and is completely counter-productive.
Defiance shown by today's Londoners and reliance on the law shown by today's Dutch (in the trial of Theo Van Gogh's murderer) are far more effective methods in defeating fascist terrorism. But if you think otherwise, you can always enlist.

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