July 28, 2005

Man drought

From The Bay of Plenty [of Women] Times:
Women in their 30s are suffering from a phenomenon sweeping the nation - a lack of 30-something men.
The 2005 Population Growth report by financial services firm KPMG found that in 2004, women aged in their 30s outnumbered men in the same age bracket by 23,800. The drought is thought to be the result of more men going overseas.
The drought was worst for the 32,000 New Zealand women aged 32 in 2004. There were only 29,000 men in this age group - a shortfall of 3000 men.
Maybe only losers (have to) stay in New Zealand because it makes economic sense to spend your best earning years abroad. Or the ones that do stay are gay and of no interest to the local gals. I haven't heard of a shortage of queer men!
Well, all you hot-blooded foreign males, there are a few ladies here pining for your attention. And if you don't like them, my mates and I can always help you out.

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