August 12, 2005

NZ election campaign versus Dr Who

I couldn't bring myself to watch the "leaders' debate" last night. For your information, wonderful innocent babes abroad, these days what looks like a political election campaign is in full swing here, and it's an occasion for the local potentates to prance, preen and strut their favourite crackpot policy to the voter in a vain attempt to catch their attention or, better, their vote. It does not excite me very much and I will certainly never base my voting intention on what some tin pot party leader says during a televised debate. I'm sorry, I'm shallow, call me.
I decided to watch Dr Who instead. Now I've never been a big fan of this occasionally irritating and frequently wobbly series. But I decided to give it a go, what with it being a sort of a cult thing and I hate to be feeling left out of the subcultural loop - even if some of it is more loopy than is good for my soul.
But was I impressed with the Dalek episode? In summary, the Doctor picked up the fagboy from Corrie Street and killed off the last ACT Party voter "I want my FREEEEEEDOOOOOMMMMM" Dalek. Not world shattering and mildly more interesting than NZ politicians spouting soundbites.

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