September 03, 2005

Are you glad to live in the greatest country in the whole goddamn world?

Are societies these days basically held together by fear and economic exploitation rather than by solidarity and a sense of belonging?
After you have escaped the flood in your SUV, do you still need to think about the society you have left behind to drown, starve or perish? Or did you play "Bye, Bye, Blackbird"?
How can you call yourself the "United" States when there is no unity, sense of purpose, a helping hand when you are waist deep in water?
Where "law and order" only means armed white national guards pointing at black men "shopping" for foodstuffs and water?
Is New Orleans basically the end of the line, the bottom of the dung heap, where the detritus of American society and the dregs of the Mississippi converge beneath sea level?
And therefore the city's immobile do not matter one jot as long as they are being kept coralled between the levees and Lake Pointchartrain? Between the French Quarter and Desire? Out of sight, out of mind, at the bottom of the sea.
When even porn stars rant and rave against this insane situation, you should be warned that your society is not all what it is cracked up to be, and in grave danger.
Some Christians are right to call for repentance: atomised societies are an oxymoron and only have a very short half life.

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