September 06, 2005

Brown eye for the cop guy

News item:
"A cheeky exhibitionist made a bad call when he stood in the centre of the road, pulled down his pants and bent over - in front of a police car.
When he was caught, 19-year-old Queenstown scaffolder Quintin Brian Robson said, "I'm so stupid", prosecutor Sergeant Sue Evans told the Queenstown District Court yesterday.
Robson failed to appear on a disorderly behaviour charge.
Judge Peter Butler noted Robson had other convictions, convicted him and fined him $500, plus $130 court costs."
Scaffolders should drop their pants more in Queenstown. It would make for a better scenic view than the monstrous developments that are currently planned there.
And isn't his fine really way out of proportion? I mean, Marc "E" Ellis only got fined $300 for buying some illegal party drugs. What kind of message is that sending to all our would-be male strippers? The cops should have snapped his brown eye and posted it online for all of us taxpayers to see. That would have been far better justice. And maybe even got the scaffolder a career change out of it.

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