October 22, 2005

Aren't we lucky we're not a state of Australia!

Little Johnnie Howard is trying to out-Blair the UK government in its new anti-terrorism legislation. No Right Turn has the gist:
The extended geographical jurisdiction for offences is being used here not just to cover sedition, but also treason. This is utterly unprecedented. To the extent that either sedition or treason are crimes, they are crimes of disloyalty, predicated on some obligation to be loyal to the Australian government. What Howard is saying is that everyone in the world has a duty to be loyal to and not criticise Australia, on pain of imprisonment.
So supporting the English cricketers in the Ashes test, the All Blacks in the Tri-Nations or any other team playing against Australia is tantamount to treason. Didn't Lord Tebbit formulate this test of loyalty before? Can't Little Johnnie invent anything new, ever? Australia doesn't need terrorists or traitors to dispense with its civilised status, its own politicians will do that job nicely. Or was that the plan all along to get rid of all those troublesome citizens with human and civil rights? It certainly is putting the con back into conservative.

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