October 26, 2005

A housewife? Not me! Desperate? Never!

Jesse, the half naked gardener, had disappeared, and even the plumber hasn't taken his shirt off for a couple of episodes, so I was a bit flagging in my keenness to watch Laura Bush's favourite soap.
But then it suddenly all got interesting again. The gardener's flatmate, Justin, turns out to be a closet queen desperate to sort out whether he's gay or straight - I would have thought rooming with Jesse Metcalfe would pretty much settle that fast! - by pashing the only decent looking female on the show and then he didn't feel anything. Snogging Jesse would have been conclusive immediately, but then during a pool party he was found snogging the horribly miscast Andrew Van Der Kamp dude who is on the swim team (with a flabby body like that no swim team would have him!). It's simply not good enough!
Contrast this syrupy state of affairs with the Shameless episode, on afterwards, involving seed-filled condoms being thrown around to try to prove hetero manhood. You would never see that getting Laura Bush's approval!

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