October 29, 2005

Isn't that what we pay them for?

Our favourite royal (still the only one I would consider sleeping with, no change there), Prince Harry, or, "Wales" as he's called in the Army, was played a prank on by his sergeant at Sandhurst. Harry was told to drop his pants to confirm the rumours he had his girlfriend's [vomit] name written on his arse (or "bum" as the English press dubbed it).
I'm suprised that this was a rumour among the troops for so long. I mean, do these soldiers not wash or sleep together? Have they not seen the royal ginger minge in the shower? Does the sergeant no longer supervise personal hygiene? Or watch the royal backside when he heaves it into his bunk before lights out?
When I get to date him I will know what to aim for with my paddle!

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