January 14, 2005

Young, dumb and full of royal cum

Our favourite royal was at it again.
Prince Harry "Pothead" Windsor goes to bal masque and turns up in ancient ethnic garb, worn by his family's compatriots in the old Vaterland. Predictably all hell breaks loose, because the Brits need occasional reminders of "Who Won The Bloody War?" This sort of stuff has been making Rupert Murdoch's untaxed fortune from his UK tabloid press, so I'm suspecting the Windsors are on the News Corp payroll for regular frontpage appearances.
So what should Harry's apology sound like?
"Dear Grandma Ma'am,
Sorry for bollocking it all up again, and on the day of Auschwitz's liberation festivities too! As a penitence, may I suggest a trip to New Zealand, where my backside will be appropriately chastised to encourage me to become less of an oik and more of a man who thinks before he does. I know just the man to administer this medicine to me."

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