December 06, 2005

7 December, 1941

Tomorrow is Pearl Harbour Day, surely the 9/11 of its day, and it took the USA, joining in with the Allies, who had been fighting the fascist beast for over two years already, three years and 8 months to bring World War II to an end on 8 August 1945.
It's over four years now since 9/11 and the Allies have managed to get rid of one odious regime and one dictator and is still trying to stabilise an area the size of California.
Is this because privateers with Pentagon contracts want the thing to be drawn out as long as profitably possible, doing things that the armed forces used to do in WW2?
What exactly will V-T Day (Victory over Terrorism Day) look like and how will we know, notice, celebrate: when we get back our human rights that were voted out? When waterboarding is considered a torture method?

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