December 13, 2005

Middle Eastern appearance or Bondi bronzed?

And exactly how do you tell the difference? Here's a photo gallery of the "race riots" in Cronulla. None of the drunken lowlife throwing bottles at the cops or punches at anyone they think looks different, looks "white" to me. The sooner Australia (and New Zealand, for that matter) accepts that it is a mongrel society, the better. Racial tension is always promoted by conservatives in times of national insecurity, whether they be scared of their girlfriends preferring black dick, or cleverer immigrants be taking away "their" jobs.
And par for the course for little Johnnie Howard refusing to call the rioters "racists". Better not upset your core voters with words like that.
And lest those Middle Eastern men with an attitude problem derive any comfort: it's about time you let your girlfriends sunbathe topless and show the world how multicultural you are too.

Would there have been any rioting at all if Cronulla had been a nude beach?

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