December 13, 2005

Further on the subject of trains

London Underground blog reports:
"Train drivers on Midland Mainline, which operates trains across the East Midlands and into London, have apparently been daring each other to do wacky things on the train. However, the latest escapade involved a pesky driver getting sacked for stripping naked and taking a picture of himself while driving a train at 125mph."
If the train going the other way was doing the same speed, the flasher was going past at 250mph. It gives new meaning to "in a blink of a (brown) eye". The news report omits to mention what part of his anatomy was exhibited for photographic evidence. Whether it was willie-waving or bum-flashing we shall never know.
Getting the sack, of course, was the wrong punishment. Instead the rail company newsletter should have published the pictorial evidence for all to see and judge. It would make train rides in the East Midlands, not the most picturesque of the English countryside, a bit more interesting. And if all flasher train driver pictures could be curated together in an exhibition, would it qualify for the Turner Prize and win?

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