December 24, 2005

We're all going on a Summer holiday

Everybody is staggering off on their Summer holidays these days, so the chance of actually finding something worth reading on the net is pretty slim.
Our island has been overrun with Xmas corporate functions over the last few weeks, as is usual this time of year when bosses shout their staff a dinner away in one of the vineyard restaurants and cafes our island is famous for. The number of people coming over for the night has been huge, resulting in massively overloaded boats back to New Zealand, full of drunk merry-makers, warranting security guards to be stationed on the ferries. The weather for the trips back hasn't been brilliant so I think the local fish were fed many a gourmet dinner. After all, it's Christmas for the snapper too.
Some of us have to work over the holiday season, the masses need entertaining after all, but I was suprised to hear that staff at the Herald on Sunday newspaper (and, I presume, the other Sunday papers too) have been forced to take time off because their publisher is forbidden by law to bring out a paper on Christmas Day. This, alongside the forced closure of part of the retail sector, is a relic from ancient times when Christians had a firmer grip on the pagan Yuletide season. It's all a bit silly because a Sunday newspaper is produced on a Saturday, and so we have the ironic situation that the Monday newspaper will actually be made by workers on Christmas Day, in whose benefit the supposed benefits of a statutory holiday have been conceived, while the Saturday journalists can't ply their trade. Publish and be damned, I'd paraphrase.

Anyway, I hope you will be having a sane, safe, but pleasurable holiday season, and let me know what you guys are doing.

Present link: Italian rugby player does a Stripping Santa. Great arse, great tattoo. (Thank you, GCSpotlight Magazine, for the link)

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