March 29, 2006

Cadbury Island

A local city magazine with the aspirations of the likes of the New Yorker this month published (not online) a feature on my island. Thank you, Peter, for the alert. I don't usually read that magazine until it's a few months old and lingers in the dentist waiting room, it's not that compulsory a read.
Anyway, the article was about Waiheke Island's tribulations about the opening of a long-planned and long-awaited sex shop. The proposed siting of the shop in an industrial area of the island, and tucked behind the butcher shop, was still too close for some blue stockings who vocally opposed the establishment plans. The Council, with its ridiculous, and now invalided, by-law on sex businesses and brothels, is now cast adrift and the shop - called "Bedrock" - is expected to go ahead soon.
The business case for the shop is made by the owner who sees a large number of cross-dressing lifestylers, people who want risque presents and cards, and, of course, the gay boys shopping for butt plugs. He dubbed Waiheke Cadbury Island for all the fruits and nuts who live here. He forgot to add we have them with a nice drop of syrah or merlot and call it a food group.

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