March 11, 2006

Nude bike riding

Not the most comfortable of hobbies, I would have thought, but it's part of a traditional protest action here in New Zealand with cyclists taking to the road sans clothes to protest against their vulnerability to traffic and fumes.
Now in the Tasman District (on the northern tip of the South Island) the mayor is objecting to the nude ride and want the cops to arrest the cheeky chappies.
It's not the first time the police have been asked to intervene and arrest nude bike riders. Last year Simon Oosterman arrived at court naked (but got dressed when entering) after his arrest at the nude bike ride here in Auckland.
I prefer my cyclists to leave something to the imagination - all that lycra does wonders to a boy's physique, no? - but if they insist on parking their bare butts on hard saddles and ride the potholed roads here, who am I to object?

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