January 18, 2007

The 8 modern tribes of New Zealand

Your dominant tribe is Grey Lynn

You're dedicated to the idea of making a difference and living in a principled way. You love culture and ideas.

The Grey Lynn Tribe - Intellectual

The highly educated intelligentsia who value ideas above material things and intellectualise every element of their lives. Their most prized possession is a painting by the artist of the moment, they frequent film festivals, secretly wish they had more gay and Maori friends, feel guilty about discussing property values and deep down are uneasy about their passion for rugby.
More about the Grey Lynn Tribe here.
This is such a hoot. I might not live in Grey Lynn - it's a hole without a seaview, and all the gay and creative boys have moved to Kingsland (it should be renamed Queensland soon) - I actually work there, and the general stereotype rings true:
I have some original paintings by island artists du jour; have been to tons of film festivals, but I certainly don't need to wish for more gay or Maori friends. I don't feel guilty about property price talk, it's just a very boring thing to do. And I'm certainly easy about rugby, I mean look at this.

Perhaps the test missed out on a 9th Tribe: Waiheke Islanders, combining the best - and worst - of all the characteristics: from aspirational propertarians who hate the idea of common land, to ethics-spouting communitarians, who wish to change the world, one island at a time.

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