January 17, 2007

A Chinese whisper

As an experiment I fed the motto of my blog "Connecting the electrodes of queer wisdom to the nipples of bigotry and ignorance" through half a dozen translations in the same translator. This is what I got back from WorldLingo:
English to Spanish: Conectar los electrodos de la sabiduría rara con las entrerroscas del fanatismo y de la ignorancia.

Spanish to Dutch: Om de elektroden van de zeldzame wijsheid aan entrerroscas van fanaticism en de onwetendheid te verbinden.

Dutch to Greek: Για να συνδέσουν το φανατισμό και την άγνοια οι μαγνήτες της σπάνιας φρόνησης με τα entrerroscas.

Greek to Arabic: [إين وردر تو] ربطت التعصب والحالة جهل المغنطيسات من تعقل نادرة مع [إنتررّوسكس].

Arabic to Japanese: 稀な慎重さからの磁石についての熱狂そして状態の無知の束との

Japanese to English: Rare prudence the bundle of ignorance of excitement and state concerning the empty magnet

Another translator, BabelFish came up with:
English to Spanish: Conectar los electrodos de la sabiduría rara con las entrerroscas del fanatismo y de la ignorancia

Spanish to French: Relier les électrodes de la sagesse rare avec les entrerroscas du fanatisme et de l'ignorance

French to Greek: Να συνδέστε τα ηλεκτρόδια της σπάνιας σοφίας με τα entrerroscas του φανατισμού και της άγνοιας

Greek to English: Connect the electrodes of infrequent Sofia with entrerroscas the fanaticism and the ignorance

English to Japanese: とまれなソフィアの電極を熱狂および無知接続しなさい

Japanese to English: Stop excitement and connect the Sophia electrode ignorantly

The translation path is different because it gave fewer options, but I do like this result.
A third one, Applied Language Solutions, came up with:
English to Portuguese: Conectando os elétrodos da sabedoria estranha aos bocais do bigotry e do ignorance

Portuguese to French: En reliant l'elétrodos de la sagesse trouve trange aux embouts de la bigotry et de l'ignorance

French to Dutch: Door elétrodos van de wijsheid te verbinden vindt trange aan embouts van bigotry en de onwetendheid

Dutch to English: By linking elétrodos of wisdom find trange to embouts of bigotry and ignorance

English to Arabic: ب يقترن [إلترودوس] من حكمة اكتشاف [ترنج] إلى [إمبووتس] من تعصب وحالة جهل

Arabic to English: In skimps from wisdom of discovery from fanaticism and situation of ignorance
A modern version of the Babel language confusion!

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