April 04, 2007

My Sweet Lord

The ChristoIslamoFascists are at it again against arty expressions of faith.
Cosimo Cavalaro, an American sculptor, has made a lifesize imago of Christ on the cross made entirely out of chocolate. A quite startling and moving image, especially since it (probably) is a much more accurate depiction of a crucified criminal in Roman times. He would have been naked on the cross instead of all those coy loincloths that are usually depicted in crucifixion imagery.

What a delicious and delicate fusion of faith and indulgence. And it baffles me Catholics would be offended by it. After all, aren't the communion wafers supposed to be Christ's body they eat? They might as well be made of chocolate. Perhaps then I would have kept my faith. And it would recruit a few young people.

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