April 05, 2007

Still haven't found what you were looking for?

The imagination of net surfers to search for the strangest keywords and questions, then landing on this blog, even boggles my mind. A sample:
- why does the Muslim religion seem be going by to the dark ages? Because it's still in the Dark Ages and the Renaissance and Enlightenment haven't happened for them yet.
- Turkish oil wrestling has homosexual roots? I dare you to say that to the fine young men involved when you next visit Turkey.
- tread lightly on other men's dreams
but you can boot my nightmares.
- well-lit gay porn. What porn and TV soap operas have in common cinematically is a lack of shadows and massive overhead lighting.
- hot 15 year old guy+atheist. They are rare as hen's teeth.
- Kagen Mullen, present job? Still in the brig for waving willies at cameras?
- adult male circumcision video clips. Please, seek professional help.

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