May 08, 2007

Århus: coming in from the cold

Århus is Denmark's second city in population and a very pleasant merchant city it is. Nicely laid out with its pedestrianised city centre spanning most of the inner city, and also features a lovely bridge over the little river that flows through the town.
It was full of young people today as it was some kind of day off for them after they were "confirmed" in their (I presume Lutheran) church yesterday, Sunday. They were wearing the international teenager uniform with a predominance of black clothes and, rather girlishly, white belts on their black sagging pants. A rather ridiculous look, but it is a prerogative of youth to look as silly as possible in their fashions.
To escape the relentless twink on the streets we headed for lunch at an eaterie which specializes in ethnic fast foods such as pizzas and hamburgers. Charles was most upset when the waitress told him firmly NO! to a request for cutlery to eat his pizza with. Apparently it's a major promotional gimmick of the restaurant to oblige punters to eat pizza without knives and forks. Eating with your bare hands is a radical thought in Denmark!

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