July 12, 2007

The joy of heterosexuality

A sick story in the news this morning:
Officers were called to the 73-year-old's home in Mangawhai, north of Auckland, just after 11pm.
The woman had awoken to find a man lying next to her in bed, armed with a knife.
She was sexually assaulted but Inspector Gary Hill says there was a struggle during which the woman managed to get the knife off her attacker, who then ran off.
Mr Hill says the woman was courageous and is coping well considering her ordeal.
The intruder is believed to be in his 20s.
I'm awaiting the howls of outrage against this vile act and for the banning of heterosexuality. Of course, a 73 year old man would never experience this ordeal. Why can't these young guys find a proper girlfriend instead of taking the concept GMILF to new depths?

UPDATE: The cops caught the perpetrator, turns out he's not in his 20s but 49. Get it right, girls.

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