August 07, 2007


August is a fertile month with various people of my acquaintance having their birthdays close together. So on the weekend it made sense to celebrate them all together and after a yum char breakfast it was on to dinner at Gina's Italian Restaurant, an institution in the city which guarantees great food and great time. And indeed it was. When the tiramisu deserts came out to the table all the waiters and kitchen staff (all imported from Italy) started singing and banging pots and cutlery on all stainless steel surfaces, creating a huge ruckus and embarrassing the hell out of the birthday boys and girl.
It helped that the waiters are huge eye-candy and we would have gladly wrapped up a few of them to take away for after dinner mint sucking. They are so popular they will be launching another of their calendars (the shooting of which is on their website, and pictured here too). Deliciously recommended.

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