August 09, 2007

Sex in the news

From the NZ Herald:
"Sydney police are investigating an allegation of sexual misconduct against New Zealand Warrior Michael Crockett. Crockett had denied the allegation.
It is understood the player allegedly met the woman while out with teammates.
The pair were believed to have left the group some time before the woman went to the station to complain that she had been sexually assaulted."
It seems that groupies want to have it both ways: you bag yourself a piece of alpha male meat in the prime of his sexual (and sports) career, in the middle of an exciting competition, when the testosterone drips off the walls. And if the sex is bad you can always have him charged with assault. Especially when you lured him away from his teammates. Not that I condone, or even suggest any beastly sexual behaviour by Mr Crockett, but if you're going to throw yourself as a sports groupie into that sort of sexual arena, you better be prepared for some bruising encounters.

UPDATE: Mr Crockett has been charged with sexual assault, which he denies.

In an unrelated rugby league news issue, this time for on the field behaviour:
"The Canterbury Bulldogs forward Brad Morrin has been banned for eight games after biting the Parramatta centre Timana Tahu on the arm in last Friday night's NRL match in Sydney.
Morrin pleaded guilty, admitting it was stupid act, but he argued that his "brain-snap" was an instinctive reaction to a spear tackle by Tahu and Nathan Hindmarsh.
His biting suspension, which he thinks is a bit harsh, matches the punishment handed down to Kiwi Jarrod McCracken in 1991 for a similar offence."
Jarrod McCracken is another piece of prime meat that graced those sporno calendars in the early 1990s. I would have done more than bite him back!

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