September 27, 2007

NZ flag debate rears its head again

The Prime Minister suggested (again) changing the flag of New Zealand with something more indigenous, even though her design suggestion only mentioned deleting the Union Jack in the left corner and just keep the blue field with the red Southern Cross.
Needless to say debate is running high. So here was my reply to the question: Should the NZ flag be changed?
Yes, and replace it with a personalised version of the person who is flying the flag. (Why don't New Zealand homes have a flag pole like Scandinavian countries?) The Union Jack can be kept by people who regard themselves British New Zealanders. Other ethnicities can add their own top left hand corner field in the flag, even faiths (say, a cross or a crescent), sports fans (silver ferns) and sexual orientations (a rainbow for gays, two short planks of wood for straights) can design their own. It would reflect our nice, inclusive and correct national attitude.
Still, I think this one is still my favourite design:

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