October 01, 2007

What to do on National Nude Day

Radio Prague reported, via London Underground Blog, a nude tube rider on the system.
We don't have enough sights like this, in my opinion. National Nude Day (8 October) should include free public transport rides for those game enough.
The story behind the picture is more prosaic, even hilarious:

"It emerged that the poor man had lost all his clothes in a bet and his friends had pushed him out of their car in the middle of Prague stark naked. "He was only trying to get home as fast as possible and he was dreadfully embarrassed - so we let him off the hook" a police spokeswoman said later."

It's the sort of thing the better frat houses and student unions would do to rookie members. I was just wondering how he got on the system without a ticket or where he had stowed his tube pass. And I hope the Prague underground isn't as chilly or draughty as the London one.

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