November 27, 2007

"When you're crap, you go to America" (*)

In another display of cutting edge current affairs television we get served up every night here on state broadcaster TVNZ, we were treated to the sight of Mark Sainsbury, an improbably facially hirsute host (every month is Mo-vember for our Mark), sitting in Australia for what I thought would be an insightful analysis of the Australian elections and its outcome's ramifications for New Zealand. Of course it was never thus when the camera swung to his interview subject: David Beckham.
Becks had flown in for an exhibition match in Sydney and later on in Wellington, and since the Beckham brand generates more cash than the trans-Tasman economic relationship I guess it wasn't entirely surprising.
I must say Becks is aging rather well. Far better than either Mrs Becks or Mr Sainsbury. So the item wasn't entirely without merit for all those fretting aging metrosexuals out there in Australia and New Zealand.

(*) Quote from a football fan (mentioned by Mark Simpson)

And here's a bonus picture from the Sydney Morning Herald:

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