June 21, 2010

Rugby, as it should be played

That mid-winter time-honoured perennial ritual, the nude rugby match in Dunedin, was upon us again at the weekend, with a hard-fought match between the Nude Blacks and the Welsh Leeks.

TV3 has fantastic video footage of the match here, for which they are risking a telling off by the Broadcast Standards Authority because some anti-nude wowser group is planning to lay a formal complaint.

All sports should be played sans-clothes. It makes it worth participating, and watching!

Links to previous editions here.


Endless Men said...

lol, yes it should be like this !

Anonymous said...

...oh yes, yes, yes...definitely all sport should be played in the nude..well maybe not golf, that would look a bit daft...i mean, all ancient sports were played in the nude, the Olympics were originally in the nude, stark bollock naked nude Olympians...what was i saying?..oh, yeah...how can anyone be 'anti-naked'?, are they mad?...it's great getting your kit off...i mean, you know, we're animals for god's sake, they don't bother...although they are selling party dresses for dogs in Asda, the mind boggles...seriously though, it's just a body, nowt to be ashamed of...can't see St. Helens Saints playing in the nuddie...i can imagine though... :)