April 01, 2008

Sex in the news

From the Manawatu Standard (7 March) quoted by Gaynz.com:
"An 18-year-old Christchurch man has been charged following an alleged sexual assault on a fellow soldier in the Linton Military Camp barracks.
The Manawatu Standard understands the victim, 17, had been drinking heavily when he encountered a group of soldiers on Saturday, February 3.
He was then reportedly stripped, covered in vaseline and put to bed as a practical joke.
But he woke the next morning in discomfort and undertook a medical examination believing he had been raped at some stage during the night.
Detective Sergeant Gary Milligan, of Palmerston North CIB, said police were called to investigate an alleged sexual violation in the barracks, but found evidence of a lesser offence.
"As a result of the enquiry an 18-year-old soldier was arrested and charged with indecently assaulting a 17-year-old soldier," he said."
Getting covered with vaseline by a platoon of soldiers sounds like a grand night out to me. But boys, please, Vaseline is an oil-based lubricant unsuitable for usage with a condom. If you're going to do drunk sex shenanigans, keep yourselves safe sex-wise and use a water-based lubricant. Not as much fun, I know, and it doesn't cure colds either.

And then we have to hear from another favourite setting for situational homosexuality, the boys' boarding school with this Herald news item:
"Two schoolboys have been suspended from New Zealand's oldest registered school over sexual allegations relating to other boys in its hostel.
The mother of an alleged victim told the Herald she had discovered that her 12-year-old son had been jumped on by other students of Wesley College near Pukekohe while in bed in his first weeks away from home. [...]
Wesley is a decile-two, state-integrated Methodist college. Its hostel, which is not state-integrated and thus remains a private boarding establishment, accommodates about 30 girls and 260 boys - the vast majority of the school roll.
A report by boarding manager Bill Leach, following interviews with two now-suspended students, detailed how one boy admitted "dry humping" two students over three weeks.
It continued that the other boy had said he had performed the action on five students before Easter."
He'll be punished by the church authorities for loving Jesus a little bit too much during Lent! I hadn't heard much about this "dry humping" craze before, I'm so naive in these matters! But then sex with your clothes on doesn't sound like much fun. Unless it's a jockstrap only.

ADDENDUM: There is now a "Frot Alliance" (NSFW site) to promote non-orifice-centred sex. Worth a rub.

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