April 23, 2008

There must be better ways

50 ways

50 ways to help the planet survive suggested on one handy website but there are plenty of false economic choices there:

6. Diaper with a conscience. Better: have no kids, far more environmentally friendly.
8. Go vegetarian once a week. Better: Why not every day? It makes your larder go further. And I bet you'll just eat 7 days' worth of meat in 6 days anyway.
17. Shower with a friend. Obviously dreamed up by someone who has never done this. Showering with a friend, in my experience, takes far, far longer than showering solo. Unless you're an adolescent insisting on long meditations about various body parts when in the shower.
20. Use your cruise control. Better: use public transport.
27. Greener lawn care. Better: don't have a lawn.
36. Choose matches over lighters. Better: don't smoke.
41. Fly with an E ticket. Better: don't fly.

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