May 14, 2008

Kiwis turn down spit roast

From the Sydney Morning Herald (via DubDotDash):
"Scruffy New Zealander Jemaine Clement from the folk-parody group Flight Of The Conchords was approached by a girl at a party in Scotland, who invited him to a spit roast. She wanted to know if Bret McKenzie, his band mate, would also attend.
Thinking she was referring to a barbecue, Jemaine said yes. Hey, they both liked meat. "She said, 'I wouldn't usually ask. I'm a lesbian,' and I thought, 'Why would that stop you asking for a barbecue?"' Soon after, Clement discovered a spit-roast was British slang for a threesome and declined, mightily embarrassed."
What is wrong with Kiwis turning down offers of straight sex? I know spit roasting lesbians is a favourite fantasy of anti-Helen Clark voters, so why isn't it good enough for real red-blooded males? Maybe the Conchord boys have been playing too much folk and should do some rock & roll instead?

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