September 30, 2008

Clarification re nudity on Wellington beaches

From the Wellington City Council press release:
Today's Dominion Post story, headed 'Capital's beaches open to nudists', is somewhat misleading. Wellington's beaches aren't 'open to nudists' despite the fact the City Council has removed and replaced an old bylaw relating to the requirement to wear suitable bathing costumes on beaches and other public places in the city.
[...] Earlier this year the Council reviewed a number of bylaws - including the old Harbour, Beaches and Foreshore Bylaw - which, in part, required all persons over 8 years of age who were on, or swam at, a beach to wear a swimsuit or clothes. The wording of the old bylaw was 'clunky' and not really suitable for the 21st century.
[...] Admittedly a review of bylaws is not something that usually excites the community greatly - but we received no submissions relating to beach nudity.
Well, 2000 years of Christianty finally gave way to a more natural approach and views on human nudity.
The removal of the old bylaw does not mean that people can freely remove all their clothes on any city beach.
If someone removes all their clothes on Oriental Bay beach, for example, and then offends other beach users, the Police could be called and could require the person to put their clothes back on.
Nudity is really not an issue on beaches in Wellington City - and we're not expecting a sudden rampant increase in nudity as a result of the withdrawal of the bylaw. Generally, for example, people do not go fully nude on Oriental Bay beach.
I would have thought that the biting wind the city is famous for would put any thought of taking your clothes off anywhere in Wellington, let alone on an inner harbour sand pit.
It is quite well known that the isolated north-eastern end of Breaker Bay Beach, on the South Coast, is Wellington's 'unofficial' nude beach. Because it takes a long and arduous walk through soft sand to get to the beach, relatively few people go there and so people generally are free to sunbathe nude without causing trouble.
In my experience, naked people never cause trouble. It's always the clothed ones that want to beat you up. And why am I not surprised the child beaters are against nudity in all circumstances?

Take my advice: take a nude holiday away from the bureaucrats and Christianists on our very own local (and official!) nude beach on Waiheke!

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