October 22, 2008

Have another one, just like the other one

From The Daily Torygraph (so it must be true):
"The Austrian far-Right politician Jörg Haider was seen drinking in a gay bar shortly before his fatal car crash."
One should not be surprised here. Being a closet homosexual and have far-right views on life, the universe and everything has a long pedigree. Check out these other dudes who I really don't want in my fag club either: SA Nazi leader Ernst Röhm, FBI founder J Edgar Hoover, Ayn Rand New Zealand Fan Club Leader Lindsay Perigo, and now Mr Haider. Control queens, who needs them?

My only experience with Nazi fucking is some trade telling me one night that he used to bed several of the (British) National Front leadership. The sex was forgettable but the remark stuck.

UPDATE: The plot thickens:
"Conservative Austria was in a state of shock today after the male successor to Jörg Haider admitted to having a longstanding "special relationship" with the far right leader who died dramatically in a high speed car crash earlier this month.
Stefan Petzner – the 27-year-old who recently replaced Haider as leader of the right wing Alliance for the Future of Austria and has often appeared in tears on television since his death - effectively outed himself as the deceased’s gay lover while being interviewed on an Austrian radio breakfast show."
Call me old fashioned, but Nazi sex is only fun in bed (as in: Me Germany, you Poland).

UPDATE 2: The BBC reports that Haider was "the man of his life" for Mr Petzner. So not yet out of the closet. Just a romantic entanglement the ancient Spartan way. I trust it came with all the naked wrestling bouts in the dust of Carinthia.

UPDATE 3: The New Zealand National Front protested in Wellington over the weekend and clashed with anti-fascist demonstrators. It was certainly a bit rich in irony, considering the Haider revelations, that said Fronters hurled verbal abuse at the anarchists, calling them "faggots". They should look in the mirror a bit more often. And protest a little less.

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