October 08, 2008

His verbal skills weren't as good as his ball skills

From an investigative report:
Rugby player investigated over offensive chat up line.
The South Canterbury Rugby Union is investigating a player over an air hostesses [sic] complaint following a player's offensive comment.
A South Canterbury rugby player could have his match payment revoked pending a report into an incident aboard an Air New Zealand flight at the weekend.
The team was travelling from Gisborne to Christchurch via Wellington on Sunday, but was off loaded at Wellington Airport after a flight attendant complained about an offensive comment made to her by one of the players.
Coach Ken Wills says the player was trying to chat the woman up.
He says the comment was four words and was not of a sexual nature, she was not manhandled and it was a verbal comment that the flight attendant took exception to.
The South Canterbury Rugby Union is investigating the incident.
Mr Wills says the team spent four hours on the ground at Wellington Airport awaiting another flight.

Any suggestions as to what those four words were?

"Your Brazilian is showing"
"It comes with nuts?"
"Your girlfriend likes it."
"The pilot liked it."

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