November 01, 2008

20 random questions meme

From's forum:

1] Favourite Possession? My library
2] Sexiest style of underwear as worn by another person? Jockstrap or commando
3] Do you go to a hygienist at the dentists regularly? Please explain your attitude to dentistry? Annual checkups, more regular sessions at the periodontist, my gums are more trouble than my teeth
4] If you were an animal and wanted to have sex with another animal, what would that animal be? Dolphin
5] What is the Christian name of your ideal man? Linus
6] Which recording star do you really care about? Bjork, David Bowie
7] Beach wear? Baggies, Speedos, Trunks, etc? Sunglasses? Other? I only go to nude beaches
8] Have you ever measured your penis? Of course, you need to do so to avoid complaints
9] Helen or John? Russel "Don't be a whinger, vote ginger!" Norman
10] Name the physical space in which you lost your gay virginity (e.g: car, bed, behind the sand dunes, alleyway) My own bed
11] What was the last piece of food you put in your mouth? A Tim Tam chocolate biscuit with a pink centre (don't ask!)
12] Is oral sex satisfactory? When it's done rightly
13] What was the last piece of music you downloaded? Never done that (I'm old!)
14] Do you use an alarm to wake you in the morning? What is it? clock radio, Radio New Zealand Morning Report
15] How many people of a different racial group than you have you had sex with? Most of them (not pygmies or eskimos yet)
16] Auckland or Wellington? Why? Auckland, but I live a safe and sane distance away from it
17] Ideal Job? The one I have
18] The thing you'd like to find in an antique/second-hand/memorabilia/op-shop shop? A lost Vermeer painting
19] Would you have sex with an All Black even if you weren't attracted to him but he asked? If you had sex with an All Black would you be you be bottom or top or what? I'm not in a position to turn down offers of sex. I would top Dan Carter but would consider playing versatile with Richie McCaw
20] Last fast-food franchise visited? Last order? Burger Fuel, a carbon seaside and spud fries without salt

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