November 06, 2008

Fewer are clinging bitterly

The United States of America finally dragged itself into the 20th Century with the election of a non-Caucasian president. Maybe next time round they will manage to get with the play of the 21st Century by electing a woman. Hell will freeze over, of course, before they will ever join the Enlightenment and actually elect a queer person (Lincoln excepted, perhaps) or, even more unimaginable, an atheist.
Considering the outcome of the latest cultural war battle, the gay marriage referendums in California and Florida, America is obviously not ready for a real kind of change.
We can be rather smug in New Zealand on that score, even though there has never been a Maori (or, to my knowledge, queer) Prime Minister. But we have already managed to get women twice - and the choice on Saturday is far broader than what was on offer in that democratic bastion of consumer choice, USA.

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