February 26, 2009

The Yves Saint Laurent / Pierre Bergé art collection

Oh, to have taste and money. Because no happier match was made this year between them at the Yves Saint Laurent et Pierre Bergé art collection sale in Paris.
Such exquisite pieces, such high end refined tastes. You can instantly imagine just one of the pieces brightening your living room and elevate it to something worth receiving guests in.
The prices paid at the auction, of course, beggar belief and I'm not sure if I had a spare 21 million euros I would have bought the Eileen Gray Dragon chair and dared sitting in it. But it's easy to understand how fast you could fall in love with that piece of furniture. Or any of the paintings or sculptures - I particularly liked the Mondrian ones, even his landscapes.

Browsing through the online whole collection made me think that it is actually an enormous shame that the collection could not stay together, because it would make such a fabulous permanent art exhibition if it were housed in its own Paris venue. Much like the fantastic Museo Thyssen Boremisza in Madrid, which was created from a family's collection and takes you through a vault of world high art history, very much like the YSL/PB collection does.

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