March 16, 2009

Nude news

Nude news from Belgium: A man caused a scandal on Saturday night during a lingerie fashion show in Angleur, near the city of Liege.
The 34-year-old climbed naked on the catwalk where he displayed offensive behaviour using a champagne bottle.
The police arrested the fellow and appeared before magistrates on Sunday (who says justice is slow in Belgium?). The judge asked him for his motive and the culprit said he wanted to be the star attraction.

No reports on whether the audience clapped, booed, hissed or whistled for more (or whether his show was worth it). Nor any details on what he did to the champagne bottle, whether it was full and corked so a foamy explosion was anticipated, or whether he emptied it over himself or sprayed it over the audience Formula One victory style.
Worst of all, no pictures in the newspaper reports!

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