May 27, 2009

Auckland, the new Copenhagen?

Finally, at last, a piece of good news in town planning. The National Business Review reports (link via the Campaign for Better Transport Forum) the little warren of side streets of Auckland's main thoroughfare, Queen Street, is to be made more "European", i.e. people-friendly, by redesigning the street surface taking out all signalling, traffic lights, kerbs and road markings.
This is an excellent idea. The Fort St/High St/Lorne St area is currently clogged with parked cars and traffic, and pedestrians, who actually try to enjoy the inner city life and shopping, are marginalised on tiny footpaths and take their life in their own hands when trying to cross the street. (If you have Google Earth, the area is available in Street View)
Now if they would just get on with the job, so Auckland can finally become a proper city, like Copenhagen.

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