May 28, 2009

Gotham Knights rugby auction

Gay rugby isn't only a preserve of Australasia, well, Australia only since New Zealand seems to have lost its gay rugby teams and players to the mainstream competition (why bother with sectarian rugby if you can make it into the big time?).

The New York gay team, the Gotham Knights, have put a good swathe of their team members up for their annual fundraising Bachelors' Auction. Successful bids will ensure a date and night out with your purchase, and you can peruse the goods beforehand here [PDF].

If I had any money I would bid for Lot #16: Douglas Schrafel, just for his mischievous sense of humour in his profile, and of course, he's offering extracurriculars, which seems far more fun than #15's offer to discuss Objectivism with you. (He'll be snapped up by Lindsay Perigo for a record sum)

Hat tip: Joe.My.God

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