May 14, 2009

Sex in the (sports) news

Another former footie player now TV commentator hits the career dust now that a woman has come forward accusing him of group rape seven years ago in Christchurch when the Cronulla team was on tour. Never mind that a police investigation at the time cleared all players of any wrongdoing and that the group sex was consensual, he has now been let go by his TV station as sports commentator. Talk about rough justice!

Three words to the woman: You. Lucky. Bitch.

Group sex as a male bonding exercise is as old as and never fails to actually make males bond. I would have happily volunteered to assist the Cronulla team in their bonding exercise, but obviously there's a bit of a queue for the job.
Best comment on the case:
Having group sex as a team building exercise is unacceptable and a bit gay in my opinion. You can love your team-mates but having sex in front of them is taking things too far. Apparently there was 14 guys in the room and its said that this woman consented to having all of them being there giving it to her? Hmmmm.
Considering that there are only 13 players in a league team, who was the lucky fan?
And what, pray tell, did actually go on in Christchurch?
Among the allegations aired on Monday, the woman said two men rubbed their penises in her face while other men stood watching and masturbating.
Six men had sex with her while another six looked on. There was always someone touching her, she said.
Sounds like huge fun was had by all.

A trading card range of the 2002 Cronulla team is here in case you want to know who was in the team that time. Not that they all participated, but you can choose your favourite party animal.

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