June 22, 2009

Greenland granted self-rule

From euronews:
The Queen of Denmark has handed over a new law on self-rule to the head of Greenland’s parliament. The nation has today been celebrating what it has declared Self Government Day. Many believe the new status will pave the way for total independence from Denmark. People voted for greater autonomy in a referendum last November.
Greenland authorities will now have control over many areas of government, including justice and police matters. However, Copenhagen will still have the finl say on defence and foreign policy. The country of 57,000 people is also being given rights to lucrative Arctic resources.
Fantastic news to have another small country join the world. It's a pity Greenland has no plans to re-join the European Union, despite Denmark keeping on having a say over their external affairs and providing a large dollop of aid.
The Economist has its doubts it will soon be an economically viable independent state, but gives it points for trying to.
Now if only they would stop whaling (and Iceland and Norway too)

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