June 24, 2009

A simple solution

Money, freedom and easy access to girls in Western Europe have all been a long time magnet for boys from sexually repressive areas such as North Africa and the Middle East. Unfortunately, they do not often know how to handle that freedom and fall back on their original culture when they are confronted with locals who express their sexual freedoms too, such as gay men.
Lately this has often led to violence against gay men by Moroccan young men in The Netherlands, with the latest incident in Eindhoven where a gay man was pelted with eggs.

There is only one effective and simple solution for people who cannot abide by the standards of civilised living in Europe, and that is a one-way ticket on a cheap airline back to where they feel at home.

And regards the discussion in France on the "right" of Islamic women to wear a burqa, my response would be: when Saudi Arabia allows bikini on its beaches, France should allow burqas.

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