October 19, 2009

Flying by the seat of his pants

News from Timaru:
Police say a trouser-less man who was knocked unconscious when he fell of the back of a ute in Timaru, was drunk at the time.
The 21-year-old was not wearing any trousers when he fell from the back of a moving ute yesterday afternoon, as it made a low speed, sharp turn from Stafford St into George St in the South Canterbury town.
Constable Brent Rissman says the man was standing, when he lost his balance and fell onto the road.
Friends who were at the scene of yesterday's incident had covered his lower half with clothing when the ambulance arrived about 3.45pm yesterday.
Not before they took some pictures for his Arsebook profile update, I would like to think.
Timaru is one of those one horse towns in the South Island facing Antarctica, so it is hardly a subtropical paradise where sans-culottes is de rigueur as town wear. You would need a few stiff drinks first before your private parts can stand up to any southerly blast.

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