October 09, 2010

Waiheke Board elections

With 95% of the votes counted our new local board will look like this:

Denise Roche, the sitting Councillor; Faye Storer, a former Councillor with a past; Jo Holmes, a cashed up entrepreneur after selling the Waiheke Marketplace to Fairfax; Don McKenzie, a former Rotary chairman; and Jim Hannan, a conspiracy theorist.

A fairly dispiriting lot in my opinion. In short: the cashed up, the mashed up and the washed up.

Better news on the mainland: Len Brown will be mayor and Mike Lee will be our Councillor on the new Auckland Council, which will be deciding the competences of the local boards. Hopefully there will be not too much power so the damage they will be able to inflict can be limited.
Ewen came 12th out of 17. Not too bad.

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