November 16, 2010

Isn't Dutch cuisine an oxymoronic concept?

Dutch state TV broadcaster NOS reports that a restaurant in Zeeuws Vlaanderen (the bit of Zeeland that has no natural link to the rest of the Netherlands, only a tunnel and ferries) has won the "Best restaurant in the Netherlands" accolade for the second year running.
In the maybe 100 times I have visited The Netherlands I can honestly say I only had one great dining experience, on Terschelling (one of the Wadden islands) in 1983.
So if you are curious what the #1 dining spot this year has to offer (at 185 euros a person for a set menu!), check out the pictures of the dishes on the Oud Sluis website. But please, don't do this before lunch, because I'm sure it will put you off as much as it did me wanting to touch any of that Santorum without surgical gloves.


Peter said...

This is much finer than Dutch cuisine, or Belgian for that matter!

If you can find a seat at this place, and have the wallet for it, enjoy!

Better start this morning with a nice slice of whole wheat bread, a lick of butter and some 'Old Amsterdam' cheese and a glass of buttermilk. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Brain Mechanic said...